Toddler Program

Toddler program

Our Toddler Program is specifically geared for those wonderful, challenging years from 18 months until approximately 2 ½ years. During this time, a young child has all the energy and independence to grow, but still needs a great deal of guidance and love. In our Toddler Program, we strive to bridge the gap from baby to child, and in the process gradually introduce the young student to our Montessori curriculum.

The Toddler room has a maximum capacity of 8 children, with one dynamic and highly qualified teacher to lead, guide and encourage their growth.

While in the Toddler room, our babies are introduced to the classroom and gently encouraged in the social skills needed for classroom behavior. They learn how to focus their attention at circle, how to do independent “jobs,” and how to care for themselves, including feeding, dressing, and potty training. Along the way they exuberantly laugh, sing, dance and play as they prepare to become preschoolers in the “big room!”

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