Elementary Program

The elementary program is research and experientially based meeting students' needs on an indivisual basis.

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The Montessori Elementary Program is a natural progression for students and parents who are looking for a child-centered education in which children are encouraged to develop their academic skills in an environment which stimulates the imagination. The Elementary Program provides instruction in such a way that the natural inclination of the child is rewarded. It is in this way that concepts are learned and enjoyed; this leads a child more quickly to abstraction in higher level skills. Not only do students enjoy higher levels of success academically, but they also learn important social and emotional skills as well.

The Elementary Program curriculum is set up to be a spiral curriculum which gives all students the opportunity to study every aspect traditional elementary, and at times, middle school level subjects. These concepts are introduced to students in a concrete format with specifically designed Montessori materials.

The Elementary Program includes:

  • Individualized Math lessons
  • Introduction to higher level Geometry concepts
  • Comprehensive Grammar lessons
  • Detailed work in all areas of essay and report writing
  • Cultural curriculum that stems from the Five Great Lessons (Lower Elementary)
  • Geography, Science & History lessons that are research and experientially based (Upper Elementary)

Dr. Montessori recognized that the ‘power of imagination educates,’ and as a result of this thinking five Great Lessons were developed. The first three Great Lessons are part of the epic of evolution and the last two are designed to highlight human cultural accomplishments and ideas. These stories not only unify knowledge, but also provide emotional ties that make knowledge meaningful and memorable. All the cultural lessons stem from these Great Lessons and students in the Lower Elementary Montessori classroom will be introduced to science, geography, and history lessons that in a traditional educational method would normally span five years. In Upper Elementary, the students continue with these lessons at even higher levels so that students develop a strong grasp of physical science, geography, history, and biology

In the Montessori Elementary level, Practical Life includes important skills such as:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Crafts