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Claire’s Montessori International Academy offers programs from Infants through Elementary (ages 6 – 12). Our Early Childhood Programs for Infants, Toddlers, and Primary (ages 3 – 6) provide a peaceful and happy school environment that allows children to develop social skills, independence, emotional awareness, self-respect, and respect for others. Our Montessori based learning programs are specifically designed for your child’s unique needs and abilities. Our Elementary Program emphasizes on child – centered education where children are encouraged to develop academic and life - long skills. Our curriculum and instruction is designed for children to have a natural inclination to learning and reach towards abstraction in higher level skills.

Natural Learning Tendencies:
Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that children’s natural learning tendencies unfolded in three year learning spans (ages 0 – 3, 3 – 6, 6 – 9, 9 – 12, etc.). We support this natural cycle of development by applying consistent social, emotional, and academic approaches for the respective learning span as children move up through our programs.

Hands – On & Self – Directed Choices:
Our classrooms offer diverse and engaging instructional materials, pictures, and activities designed to appeal to your child’s natural sense of wonder and strengthen problem – solving abilities. Importantly, our well – established schedules allow uninterrupted periods of concentrated work in a peaceful and supportive learning environment.

Relevance & Routine:
As teachers and parents, we work together to support your child’s growth and healthy development. Our curriculum is relevant to each child and based on the new discoveries they are making every day. Our teachers are eager to understand your needs and will partner with you by sharing the learning experiences and special moments with you for your child’s continued expansion outside of school. As your child grows, so does his or her opportunity for learning. We maintain a structured routine that makes time for the flexibility your child’ needs for personal growth.

About Our Learning Rooms:

Infants: Ages 0 – 18 Months

  • Peaceful and nurturing environment
  • Comfortable and consistent routine
  • Encouragement of cognitive and social development with toys, songs, reading, outside play

Toddlers: Ages 18 months – 36 months

  • Building on relationships
  • High levels of interaction and individual attention
  • Practice experiencing their world though sorting, turning, bending, and sharing
  • Encouragement of early vocabulary through songs, reading, and daily activities
  • Language development turning ideas into words and sentences
  • Social development through turn – taking, sharing, and cooperation
  • Simple reasoning through exploration of concepts and skill building

Primary: Ages 3 – 6

  • Eagerness to learn
  • Increasingly complex activities and games
  • Interaction with multiple – age groups for advancement and mentoring
  • Skill practice in all program areas, including Math, Language, and Cultural
  • Opportunities to explore and investigate
  • Communicating learning through interaction, activities, and presentations
  • Foundation setting for ongoing love of learning

Elementary: Ages 6 – 12

  • Challenging, well – rounded curriculum
  • Individualized instruction for each student
  • Specialty classes including: Art, Music, Dance, Gardening, and Spanish
  • Building time management and organizational skills

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