Kindergarten Program

The beginning of the school-age journey

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As our teacher is both Primary and Lower Elementary trained she is able to advance students as needed and also support students where they may need more help.

Parent Testimonial: One of our former Kindergarten parents told me recently that it took until December of her son’s third year (Kindergartner year) in our school before she saw a sudden growth spurt in both his social, emotional and academic capabilities. “I am beyond amazed at how prepared he is for moving into the elementary program – far beyond my husband and my expectations for our son.”

Kindergarten is the beginning of your child’s elementary school journey. Our full-day program offers a warm and personal environment with high social, emotional and academic goals. Children receive individualized lessons and group lessons, allowing them to develop specific academic abilities and interests while progressing at a comfortable pace that suits their individual needs.

Kindergarten Program Overview:

Montessori Kindergarten lessons are shown using materials so that the work of the hand informs the brain for strong assimilation of concepts.


These lessons will include, math, reading, writing, grammar, geometry, history, geography, botany, zoology, physical science, chemistry, astronomy and gardening. All of these subjects are incorporated into the School’s Integrated Spiral Curriculum.

Some of the higher-level concepts that students will experience are: novel studies, big picture cultural lessons based on the Elementary Great Lessons as well as dance, music, Spanish and going out experiences.