Primary Program

Our primary program marks the beginning of a complete social, emotional and academic curriculum. Our large, self-contained classrooms feature 6 academic areas

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Practical Life is the curriculum area in which we prepare a child with the skills to go about life; these skills include being able to dress themselves, clean up after themselves, prepare food and so much more.

The Sensorial area of the curriculum prepares a child for math, language and writing; this area of the curriculum develops the all-important five senses to ensure that a child is able to use these in discriminating things like size, color, shape leading to advanced understanding of concepts like measurement and basic geometry and development of finger strength and correct grip for writing preparation.

The Language area of the curriculum comprises of letter recognition and formation, word recognition, and eventually the ability to write and read.

Our Writing curriculum starts from the early ages in out Toddler programs and advances in our Pre-School Program so that children develop excellent writing skills.

The Math curriculum is comprehensive and vast; our students learn skills that are rarely taught to children of Pre-School age, but because we use didactic materials the students are able to develop a very strong understanding of math concepts from a very young age.

The Cultural curriculum which is comprised of Geography, Zoology, Botany and Physical Science is part of the school-wide integrated spiral curriculum; children learn, through hands-on experiences, concepts that are not part of a traditional school experience for this age group.

In addition, our students are introduced to a Wellbeing curriculum that allows them to develop resilience skills so that they have every advantage in the 21st Century world of today.

Our children do not only learn during work period and lesson circles, however. Meals and snacks are sit-down events, the focus being upon polite table manners and patience while waiting to be served food. There is the opportunity for independent self-care as children clear their own places, use the bathroom and wash hands before nap time or the next activity.

The goals of the Preschool Program are: to prepare children academically; to prepare them socially and emotionally; and to encourage them to be independent thinkers, while at the same time being able to interact positively and gently with others.